Our Story

Justice Kiss Ltd is a social enterprise aimed to support the efforts of eradicating human trafficking and poverty. In 2000 I moved to Nepal for 2 years. During that time I learned the language and participated with different volunteer organizations to work with locals on the ground there. 

After the initial 2 years I decided to stay on for a while, I opened a cafe, opened a guesthouse and got married among other things. After nearly 10 years of living in Kathmandu it seemed time to move on to a new landscape, but I definitely left the larger part of my heart there. 

One significant experience I had in Nepal was a first hand interaction with human trafficking. That opened my eyes to some of the crazy and horrible realities of this world. I also got to see first hand how women could became extremely vulnerable if they were not empowered to make their own way for themselves and their children. In a country where the disparity between poverty and excess is so apparent, it was hard to not believe that some people needed a hand up for the betterment of everyone.  In 2008 my husband and I moved back to the US for a brief period. While there we heard about a large trafficking ring being broken up in my home town. That really opened my eyes to the reality that this is happening everywhere. It's not just a developing world problem. It really is a world problem. 

In 2015 I began to really feel like it was time to put my hat in the ring and do something practical to help alleviate poverty and at the same time prevent human trafficking in Nepal and hopefully in the wider context of the world. . A friend suggested that I sell items from companies I was already familiar with. I decided to try doing just that. 

Currently JusticeKiss supports Beauty for Ashes in Nepal and Freeset in India by selling their lovely products. I believe that teaching women practical skills to support themselves and their children adds dignity and value to the women. With that in mind, I have chose companies who make quality products in sustainable ways including being supporting recycling and organic processes. We hope to branch out to more companies and countries in the future.

All of our products are JusticeKiss are fair trade as well. I won't do business with a company that I can't verify is paying their workers at least a living wage. They also need to be willing to source their components in as fair a way as possible.  Fair trade practice goes a long way to getting rid of the main reasons people become at risk of trafficking and stuck in cycles of poverty.